N95 Mask

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N95 Respirator Manufacturer in South Africa


SweetOil is the best manufacturer and suppliers of reusable N95 masks in South Africa. We offer top-notch N95 respirator masks at phenomenal costs. These masks are critical to protecting medical-staff and patients from undesirable and contaminated particles due to their filtration capability. Call us for a quote today.


  • Disposable Medical Grade
  • Adaptable noseband
  • N95 Masks offers more than 99.4% bacteria filtration/particle filtration
  • Skin friendly, breathable and soft
  • 3D curved design
  • Single Use
  • Fluid Resistant 
  • Protection against:
    • Smog
    • Dust 
    • Chemicals 
    • Droplets
    • Odor
    • Bacteria